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Enter the competition

Who can enter?

All EAC/ABET-accredited programs from all engineering disciplines are invited to submit projects that integrate professional practice and education. All projects were due May 1, 2018.

What are the awards?

The NCEES Engineering Education Award includes eight cash awards.

  • Grand prize: $25,000
  • Seven awards: $10,000 each

Use of the funds awarded is at the discretion of the winning engineering departments/colleges. NCEES encourages their use for the advancement of projects connecting professional practice and education.

The grand prize winner will be recognized at the NCEES annual meeting in August. All award-winning submissions will be exhibited at the event and featured on the NCEES website, in NCEES publications, and in other related professional publications.

What are the award categories?

For the 2018 competition, NCEES will introduce new award categories to encourage a broad spectrum of engineering programs to enter and compete for a prize.

The 2018 NCEES Engineering Education Award categories are:

  • International projects
  • Community enhancement projects
  • Public welfare and health services/care projects
  • Energy and sustainability projects
  • Device/design/prototype projects
  • Freshman/sophomore design projects
  • Innovation projects

Entry instructions

2018 NCEES Engineering Education Award winners will be announced in June.