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Approval Process, including Appeals

For pencil-and-paper exams, candidates should initiate a request for reasonable accommodations with their registration by the exam registration deadline. For computer-based exams, candidates should register for and initiate a request for reasonable accommodations at least forty-five (45) days before the desired examination date.

Requests for accommodations on NCEES exams are reviewed by qualified professionals who possess at least a graduate degree in a field related to the diagnosis, treatment, and/or accommodation of disabilities and have experience evaluating requests for testing accommodations.

NCEES generally makes a decision on an accommodation request within ten (10) business days of receiving the request and all necessary supporting documentation. NCEES will notify the candidate whether the request is approved in full, denied in full, or denied in part. If a candidate is not approved in full for the requested testing accommodation(s), the candidate will receive a written notification that explains the decision. If the denial is due to insufficient documentation, the notice will identify the required information that was not provided and additional documentation that might result in approval of a request.

Within seven (7) days of receiving a written notification of a full or partial denial, the candidate may submit an appeal of the denied portion of the request (with or without additional documentation) for review by an independent, outside reviewer. Within ten (10) business days of receipt of such an appeal (barring unusual circumstances), NCEES will notify the candidate whether the appealed accommodation request is approved in full, denied in full, or denied in part. If a candidate’s appealed accommodation request is not approved in full, the written notification of denial will explain the basis for the denial.

Any appeal will consider only the requested accommodations that have been denied. An appeal will have no effect on any accommodation that NCEES has already approved for a candidate for a particular exam. Independent, outside reviewers shall be qualified professionals. Qualified professionals are licensed physicians or psychologists, or otherwise properly credentialed, and possess expertise in the disability for which modifications or accommodations are sought.

NCEES encourages all examinees who request accommodations to do so as far as possible in advance of their desired test date, but no less than forty-five (45) days before the desired test date. This allows NCEES time to communicate with a candidate if any documentation is missing or questions arise about a request and gives the candidate time to obtain and provide any missing documentation. It also increases the likelihood that a candidate will have an opportunity to appeal the denial of any requested accommodation and get a decision on that appeal in advance of the desired test date.

Once a decision has been reached regarding your request for accommodations, notification will be posted on your MyNCEES account. If approved and you are taking a CBT exam, you will need to contact Pearson VUE to schedule your exam. If taking a pencil-and-paper exam, you will receive information from your board or your board’s testing agent regarding the arrangements for your approved accommodations.

Email questions related to the accommodations process to NCEES at