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Number of licensees by state

All U.S. states, territories, and the District of Columbia have enacted laws that regulate engineering and surveying practice through licensure. Today, the total number of P.E. licenses in the United States is more than 820,000. The number of surveying licenses is more than 50,000. The document below provide a breakdown of licensee numbers by state/territory as well as the historical number of licenses since 1937. Keep in mind that many professional engineers and professional surveyors hold licenses in more than one state, so they may be counted more than once in the historical figures since 1937.

View the number of licensees in 2014 and number of licenses since 1937 (PDF).

Licensure news

  • NTSB report on gas explosion emphasizes role of engineering licensure in public protection

    The release of the National Transportation Safety Board’s report, Natural Gas Distribution System Project Development and Review, highlights the important protections that licensed professional engineers (P.E.s) provide the U.S. public. In this report, NTSB issued several recommendations concerning professional engineering ...

  • NCEES hosts forum to strengthen future of surveying profession

    The NCEES Future of Surveying Forum, held January 22 in San Diego, California, brought together representatives from 18 surveying-related organizations to identify key elements and strategies to strengthen the future of the surveying profession. This is the first time organizations ...

  • NCEES adopts position statement on the future of engineering licensure

    The U.S. engineering and surveying licensure boards that make up NCEES have voted to adopt a position statement on future engineering education requirements for licensure as a professional engineer. The decision was made during the organization’s 2015 annual meeting, held ...