NCEES Subject Matter Reports

In January and July of each calendar year, NCEES produces and distributes free detailed Subject Matter Reports containing summary exam results by subject area for all EAC/ABET, ETAC/ABET, and ANSAC/ABET-accredited... Read More

Engineering licensure

Only one thing is better than being an engineer. Being a professional engineer (P.E.). Clean water. Sound structures. Safe power. P.E.s are charged with preserving these and many more fundamentals that... Read More

Credential Evaluations FAQs

What are the exam registration requirements? Every U.S. state and foreign entity that offers NCEES exams has unique requirements that examinees must meet before they are allowed to sit for their... Read More

Speaker’s Kit

Submit your email address in the field below to receive a link to download the Speaker’s Kit. Why are we asking for your name and email address? We want to be able... Read More

Staying true to the roots of surveying

Stacy Jacobs, P.L.S. Project Surveyor for R&R Engineers-Surveyors How did you become interested in surveying? Who influenced you? In 1990, I was a freshman in college pursuing an architectural technologies degree in Upstate... Read More

Discovering surveying through a different path

Jose Pedraza, R.P.L.S., P.M.P., E.I.T. Survey Director, Stuart Consulting Group Inc. How did you become interested in surveying? Who influenced you? I started surveying through the Texas Army National Guard. I was... Read More