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Course descriptions

The following is a sample course description document. While your description is not required to look exactly like this sample, it should be comparable.

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Course (units)Description
Design of Bridges (3)Highway loading; load distribution; moving loads; deck girder bridges; design of bridge elements; piers, abutments; specifications and codes; bridge construction
Civil Engineering Mathematics (3)Matrices, determinants, linear equations, linear transformations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, least squares and curve fitting, roots of nonlinear equations, numerical integration of ordinary differential equations, and software for spreadsheets and CAD
Steel Design Laboratory (1)A laboratory component wherein students are trained to perform complete structural analysis and design calculations of steel structures. Student creates a design of one of the following: commercial building, bridge, transmission tower, or industrial building.
Construction Project Management (3)Estimating, scheduling, planning; critical path method; project organization; monitoring; evaluation; recording/reporting; investigation of projects in progress
Civil Engineering Drawing (2)Use and function of drawing instruments, applied geometry, mechanical drawing, lettering, alphabet of lines and applications, orthographic projections, isometric drawing, dimensioning, scaling, oblique drawing, sectioning
Electrical Analysis of AC/DC Circuits (3)Fundamentals of DC and AC circuits, intended for non-electrical engineering majors. Covers principles, basic laws, and theorems used in analysis of AC/DC electrical circuits
Literary Forms (3)General introduction to poetry, fiction, and drama. Exploration of themes in literature relevant to university students. Course designed to prepare students to be more perceptive readers of imaginative literature.

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