August 2019 Licensure Exchange

Read the latest issue of Licensure Exchange, the NCEES publication dedicated to opinions and ideas regarding the licensure of engineers and surveyors.

  • From the President: Enhancing mobility across national boundaries
  • NCEES leadership attends IEA annual meeting
  • Headquarters Update: NCEES joins new alliance to ensure public protection
  • Officer Q&A: Nominee for president-elect and incoming vice presidents discuss vision for NCEES
  • Enforcement Beat: A criminal conviction for fraudulent use of seals
  • University of Nebraska–Lincoln wins 2019 NCEES Engineering Education Award
  • New Mexico University receives NCEES Surveying Education Award $25,000 grand prize
  • Getting to know the annual meeting consent agenda
  • Member board news and upcoming events
  • NCEES remembers past president Eugene Bechamps
  • NCEES app returns to help users navigate annual meetinge

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