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Your Path to Licensure Starts Here

Professional engineering and surveying licensure establishes an important verification of expertise that is critical in safeguarding the public.

Expand Your Career Options

Be the Seal of Approval

Protect the Public

Advance your career to reach your full potential

Protect the health, safety, and welfare of your community with a professional license.

Your Path to Engineering or Surveying Licensure:







Benefits, Value to the Public, and Path to

Engineering Licensure

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Benefits, Value to the Public, and Path to

Surveying Licensure

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Hear from a licensed professional

“Getting the P.E. license was reaching the goal line and making the touchdown as an engineer. The license meant I could be recognized and act as a professional engineer. It opens up career possibilities and solidifies your position in your applicable field.”

Kevin Edwards, P.E., MBB

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Bechtel

“You get more responsibility with a license, the pay is usually higher, and ultimately it is a good career move. Having the license in my pocket has opened a lot of doors that would not have been available without it. I would recommend that path to anyone in surveying.”

John P. Brady, P.L.S., RPC

Chief Pilot—Drones and Land Surveyor at PDC Inc. Engineers

In the United States, engineers and surveyors are licensed at the state and territory level.

For over 100 years, NCEES has worked to help improve uniformity of laws and to facilitate mobility for interstate licensure among state licensing boards.

State Licensing Boards

Dedicated to advancing professional licensure for engineers and surveyors

Whether you are an educator or a current or prospective licensed engineer or surveyor, NCEES has the resources available to help you navigate the licensure path.