CPC Tracking

How to track your CPC
courses and requirements

Identify the state licensing board(s) to track CPC requirements

Log in to your MyNCEES account and select CPC Tracking. Select the appropriate state licensing boards and enter renewal period information for each.

Enter CPC course information

When you complete a continuing education course, add the course information and corresponding professional development hours (PDHs). Supporting documentation can be uploaded to your account, and the course and PDHs will be applied to the appropriate states.

Track your progress

View a side-by-side comparison of the state’s requirements and your completed CPC courses.

Transmit your completed CPC report

Send your CPC transcript electronically to a state licensing board. Check with your state licensing board for specific requirements.

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NCEES Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) Standard

The NCEES CPC Standard requires a licensee to obtain the equivalent of 15 professional development hours (PDHs) per calendar year (January 1–December 31) with no carryover allowed. A minimum of 1 PDH of the 15 PDHs shall be earned by successfully completing a course or activity that has a content area focusing on engineering or surveying ethics.

CPC Tracking FAQs

CPC Tracking allows you to conveniently track and report your CPC requirements through your MyNCEES account.

No. CPC Tracking is a free service provided by NCEES.

Any engineer or surveyor with a MyNCEES account can use the CPC Tracking service.

CPC Tracking provides a side-by-side comparison of a state’s requirements and your completed CPC courses.

To set up CPC Tracking, you must first create a MyNCEES account. Next, you must identify the state licensing boards for which you’d like to track and report your CPC requirements. Then you select a tracking method and enter renewal information for each selected board.

Some state boards allow you to track your CPC requirement using their state requirement or the NCEES Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) Standard. CPC tracking can be simplified by using the NCEES CPC Standard when available.

The NCEES CPC Standard requires licensees to acquire 15 PDHs in each calendar year, of which at least one must be earned in an area that focuses on professional engineering or surveying ethics or improving a licensee’s methods of business practice or operations.

Renewal periods are determined by each state licensing board. Questions related to your renewal period should be directed to the appropriate state board.

Each time you complete a CPC course

  • Enter the course information and corresponding professional development hours (PDHs)
  • Upload supporting documentation

All uploaded documents will become a part of the course and will be transmitted to a state licensing board. Upload only the documentation necessary to provide proof of completing the course. Avoid uploading large files unless required by the state licensing board.

Examples of supporting documentation include

  • Transcript, certificate, or other proof of completion
  • Proof of attendance
  • Course syllabus
  • Copy of course information as printed in a conference program or brochure
  • Proof of teaching or instructing

Select a state and renewal period to view a side-by-side comparison of its requirements and your completed CPC requirements.

Yes. You can electronically transmit your information and documentation to a state licensing board for renewal purposes.