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Annual report
The NCEES annual report highlights the Council’s leadership, mission, initiatives, and financial activities.

BIM Guidelines
This document is intended to offer guidance to design professionals who are using building information modeling (BIM).

The NCEES Bylaws outlines the structure of the Council.

Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) Guidelines
The CPC Guidelines provides best practices for state licensing boards that have CPC requirements for licensees.


Manual of Policy and Position Statements
The Manual of Policy and Position Statements describes Council administrative, examination, financial, and professional policies as well as the official NCEES position on licensure issues.

Model Law
The Model Law reflects best practices as determined by the NCEES member boards. It is a model for state practice legislation.

Model Rules
The Model Rules provides licensure boards with guidelines for engineering and surveying licensing laws and ethics.

NCEES Continuing Professional Competency Standard
The NCEES CPC Standard is designed encourage mobility across jurisdictions.

NCEES Engineering Education Standard and NCEES Surveying Education Standard
When it conducts a credentials evaluation, NCEES compares the candidate’s college-level education against one of these standards, which┬áreflect generally agreed-upon educational qualifications for entering the profession.

NCEES Squared
NCEES Squared is the official NCEES source for engineering and surveying licensure statistics.

Licensure Exchange is dedicated to opinions and ideas regarding the licensure of engineers and surveyors. It is published six times per year.

Using the FE Exam as an Outcomes Assessment Tool
This NCEES white paper describes in detail how engineering departments can use the FE exam to assess program outcomes.