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Using the FE as an Outcomes Assessment Tool

As the only nationally normed exam that addresses specific engineering topics, the FE exam is an extremely attractive tool for outcomes assessment.

Effective assessment of academic programs requires a set of tools and processes to evaluate various aspects of education. If the tools are to have any value as benchmarks or have credibility on some objective basis, they should make it possible to compare the results over time. This is essential to the continuous improvement process, since determining the effect of curriculum or instructional changes on outcomes is critical. Assessment tools with this comparative value are particularly difficult to obtain. Methods such as evaluation of portfolios and student exit surveys lack uniformity.

Learn how to use the FE as an outcomes assessment tool

In addition, the Professional Engineers in Higher Education interest group of the National Society of Professional Engineers, with the assistance of NCEES, solicited engineering and engineering technology programs to share methodologies for using the FE exam as an assessment tool for ABET accreditation. You can download a PDF of the paper on the NSPE website.

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