Licensure Exchange August 2012

Read the latest issue of Licensure Exchange, the NCEES publication dedicated to opinions and ideas regarding the licensure of engineers and surveyors.

Download the August 2012 issue (PDF)

  • Florida Atlantic University wins NCEES Engineering Award
  • From the President: Volunteers have different roads to advance licensure
  • Headquarters Update: International licensure applicants are changing the paradigm
  • President-elect nominee and incoming zone vice presidents discuss vision for NCEES
  • Licensing boards face increased interest from foreign applicants as barriers to U.S. licensure are overcome
  • American Association of Engineering Societies: the Strength of a Million Voices
  • Enforcement Beat: Discipline for one can become a lesson for many
  • Exam news: April 2012 pass rates
  • Member board news, upcoming events, and NCEES outreach
  • Future City needs volunteer mentors

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