NCEES launches Squared: a year in numbers

NCEES launches licensure statistics publication and interactive annual report

NCEES is pleased to introduce the inaugural issue of NCEES Squared, the official NCEES source for engineering and surveying licensure statistics. This new annual publication is designed to make licensure data available to a wide audience, including educators, employers, and the general public. It includes information about the number of U.S. licensees, exam volume and pass rates for NCEES exams, the average age of examinees, and much more.

“‘Squared’ refers to being direct, honest, and in good order,” said NCEES Chief Executive Officer Jerry Carter. “Recent technology enhancements now allow us to analyze more data. We wanted to offer a straightforward account of our 2013–14 fiscal year through data that measure where licensure is today and the trends we are seeing. We hope this information will help more people understand licensure and its importance to our everyday lives.”

Learn more about NCEES Squared: a year in numbers.

NCEES has also released its 2014 annual report as an interactive website that complements the printed publication. The annual report provides an overview of the organization’s accomplishments and growth over the past fiscal year. The annual report website features videos from 2014 events and interviews with NCEES members and leadership on the organization’s various initiatives.

Explore the interactive annual report or download a PDF of the printed publication.