NCEES renames FE exam module

NCEES is renaming one of the modules for its Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. The Other/General module will be known as the Other Disciplines module beginning with the April 2010 exam.

While the content of the module has not changed, the new name more accurately reflects the examinees for whom the module is intended.

All FE examinees take a common module in the morning and one of seven modules in the afternoon, choosing a discipline-specific module (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, or Mechanical) or the Other Disciplines module.

“In most cases, you should choose the module that best corresponds to your degree. If your degree is not in one of these major engineering disciplines, you should choose the Other Disciplines module,” said Tim Miller, P.E., director of exam services at NCEES.

Miller explained that examinees with degrees that fall into the discipline-specific modules typically have higher pass rates when they select the module matching their degree rather than the Other Disciplines module.

“The afternoon portion of the FE tests knowledge that’s usually gained in the final two years of an engineering degree, so it makes sense that examinees would perform better on the module corresponding to their specialty,” he said.