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Credential Evaluations FAQs

What are the exam registration requirements?

Every U.S. state and foreign entity that offers NCEES exams has unique requirements that examinees must meet before they are allowed to sit for their exams. To begin the registration process, select the state board or foreign entity you plan to register with and read about their application process.

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How do I find out if my degree is accredited?

You do not need an evaluation if your degree was accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET at the time of your graduation. If you aren’t sure whether your degree program is EAC-accredited, you can search for it at the ABET website. If your program is not listed, you will likely need to have your educational credentials evaluated by NCEES.

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How do I begin the evaluation process?

Create or log into your MyNCEES account and then add your education information. In order to have your education information verified, you will need to send an NCEES-generated form to your educational program. Once the requested information is received by NCEES, you can begin your evaluation.

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General FAQs

Academic Transcript FAQs

  • Do I have to provide the required documentation for every school I attended?

    Yes. You must provide the required documentation for all schools Delays in processing your application will occur if all universities, colleges, and technical schools attended are not listed. You must include graduate work, U.S. degrees, evening school, community college courses, CLEP exams, and any other education for which academic credit is given.

  • Do I need to include training courses for which no academic credit is given?

    No. Do not list training courses for which no academic credit is given. Examples include short courses and Army, Navy, or Air Force service schools.

  • Do I have to send an official transcript from each school?

    Yes. Your evaluation will not be completed until all necessary official transcripts are received. Official transcripts must be received directly from the institution. They will not be accepted from any other source. This includes those in a sealed envelope that you may have in your possession.

  • Does my transcript have to include anything specific?

    Yes. Transcripts must include the specific topics and/or titles of all courses taken. Courses that do not have a title will be placed in the “other” category during the evaluation process.

  • My institution won't reproduce my transcripts. Will you accept a photocopy of my original academic transcript?

    NCEES will accept photocopies of your original academic transcript if it is received directly from the institution and is officially attested/verified as a true copy by the appropriate school authority. To accomplish this, send a copy of your transcript and a completed copy of the Transcript Request Form to the university’s registrar or controller of exams and have them verify and stamp the copy as a true copy. The institution must include the completed Transcript Request Form in the return package to NCEES. NCEES will use the postmark and original completed Transcript Request Form for document verification.

  • How do I request official transcripts?

    Official transcript requests are part of the Credentials Evaluation application process. Follow the instructions and prompts within the system as appropriate.

  • What if my institution won’t mail the documents to NCEES?

    Provide the institution with a postage paid envelope addressed to NCEES Credentials Evaluations Service. Make sure you include your MyNCEES account number. The institution must include the completed Transcript Request Form in the return package. NCEES will use the postmark and original completed Transcript Request Form for document verification.

  • What if my institution requires someone to appear in person to receive the documents?

    If you have to have someone receive the documents in person on your behalf, the package must include the official documents, the original completed Transcript Request Form, and it must be mailed directly to NCEES Credentials Evaluation Service from the institution or city. NCEES will use the postmark and original completed Transcript Request Form for document verification.

  • Does my official transcript have to be in English?

    Yes. If official documents cannot be provided in English, a translation from a certified translation company is required. Copies of foreign education documents are not acceptable. Original language documents must still arrive to NCEES directly from the institution.

Official Diploma or Certificate of Graduation FAQs

Course description FAQs

See sample course descriptions and browse frequently asked questions at the link.

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