Annual Report
The NCEES annual report highlights the Council’s leadership, mission, initiatives, and financial activities.

The NCEES Bylaws outlines the structure of the organization.

Continuing Professional Competency Guidelines
The CPC Guidelines lists best practices for state licensing boards that have continuing professional competency requirements for licensees.

The History of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, 1920–2004 provides an in-depth history of U.S. licensure and NCEES.

Manual of Policy and Position Statements
The Manual of Policy and Position Statements describes Council administrative, examination, and financial policies as well as the official NCEES position on various licensure issues.

Model Law
The Model Law reflects best practices as determined by the NCEES Member Boards. It is a model for state practice legislation.

Model Rules
The Model Rules provides licensure boards with guidelines for engineering and surveying licensing laws and ethics.