Establishing an NCEES Record is the most efficient way to complete the licensure process in multiple states. Once established, an NCEES Record will include most—if not all—of the materials you need to apply for comity licensure in additional states and territories.

As a Record holder, NCEES will electronically submit your materials directly to the state licensing board on your behalf each time you apply for a license. This saves time and simplifies the application process for professionals who need to practice in multiple states.

Steps for completing the Record application process

  1. Create an account
  2. Click here to create an account and provide the requested information. A confirmation email from will be sent to the email address provided when creating the account. This email contains information needed to complete your application.

  3. Complete all sections of the online application
  4. The application is divided into seven sections—Education, Examinations, Licensure, References, Questions for the Applicant, Experience Record, and Payment Information.


    Applicants are required to list their education in chronological order (beginning with high school) and include each college, university, and technical school attended. Include all work for which academic credit is given. Prior to beginning this portion of the application, review these frequently asked questions on how to complete the Education section of the application.


    Applicants are required to provide information regarding their Fundamentals and Principles and Practice exams. If your state board waived the FE exam requirement for your initial license, enter your PE date and jurisdiction information for both the FE and PE.


    Applicants are required to provide information regarding their first (or original) professional engineering or surveying license as well as any subsequent jurisdictions in which they’ve become licensed. If the original license is not current, evidence that shows proof of continuous licensure is required.


    Applicants are required to provide five references that can reflect the character and diversity of their experience and are personally acquainted with their professional reputation. For engineering applicants, references must be engineers who are licensed in the United States. For surveying applicants, references must be surveyors who are licensed in the United States.

    Questions for the Applicant

    All applicants are required to answer a brief series of questions regarding the status and history of their license. Explanations and copies of documents must be provided when requested in order to continue.

    Experience Record

    All applicants are required to provide a chronological listing of their work experience, beginning with graduation from a college or university. If an applicant delayed entering college, they must account for work experience beginning with graduation from high school, whether or not it’s engineering or surveying related. All time after high school must be accounted for with no time gaps.
    Providing accurate and thorough experience information is critical to the overall process of establishing an NCEES Record. Prior to beginning this portion of the application, review these frequently asked questions on how to complete the Experience section of the application.

    Payment Information

    The fee for applicants who have been licensed for more than one year is $150. The fee for applicants who have been licensed for less than one year is $100.

    Payments must be made online via MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

  5. Verifications
  6. All information provided by the applicant must be verified in order to complete the process and establish an active Record. Once the initial application has been completed, the applicant will receive an email notification from NCEES indicating that their file is ready for verification and instructions for completing the verification process.

    It is the applicant’s responsibility to download and distribute the proper forms and instructions. The process cannot continue until all required information has been returned to NCEES.

  7. NCEES application review
  8. NCEES must review and verify all transcripts and responses from references and employers.

  9. Notification of completion and assignment of Record number
  10. Applicants will receive an email from NCEES when their Record application has been completed and a Record number has been assigned.