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The NCEES Bylaws outlines the structure of the organization. NCEES operates under the supervision of a board of directors elected by the Council’s member licensing boards. The board of directors operates under the provisions of the Council’s Bylaws. Members of the 2018–19 board of directors are as follows:

  • President: James Purcell, P.E. (New Jersey)
  • President-Elect: Dean Ringle, P.E., P.S. (Ohio)
  • Immediate Past President: Patrick Tami, P.L.S. (California)
  • Treasurer: Timothy Rickborn, P.E. (South Carolina)
  • Central Zone Vice President: Marlon Vogt, P.E. (Iowa)
  • Northeast Zone Vice President: Paul Tyrell, P.E., P.L.S. (Massachusetts)
  • Southern Zone Vice President: Christopher Knotts, P.E. (Louisiana)
  • Western Zone Vice President: Brian Robertson, P.E. (Colorado)