Arizona State University

NCEES Engineering Education Award $10,000 winner

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Project: Well-Pump System at the Bondo Teachers Training College in Bondo, Kenya


Students: Joshua Kupfer, E-Shaun Hsu, Ellie Boyer, Isabella de Lima, John Garcia, Nathan Ten, Nidhi Nag, NikoLialios, Riana Chatterjee, Ryan Flaherty, Ryan Khin, Tatum McMillan, Turkie Alghuraibi, Vidya Ram, BethNovacek, Alex Hawkins, Ian Berkram, Andreas Noss, Jaden Gilligan

Faculty: Aikaterini Stefanaki, Ph.D.; Kamil Kaloush, Ph.D., P.E.

What value does a real-world project bring to students?

How do you decide what projects to work on?

How did this project prepare students for professional practice?

What advice do you have for other programs wanting to add similar collaborative projects to their curriculum?