George Mason University

NCEES Engineering Education Award $10,000 winner

Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering

Project: Water Disinfection Facility, San Pablo De Amali, Ecuador


Students: Shannon Teri, Eliana Miller, Phillip Hunt, Camille Fulton, David Pester, Aya Zabara, Musanna Nasher, Fernando Rodriguez, Kadmiel Bediako Adusei, Ayham Elayan

Faculty: Dr. Hooks Miller; Dr. David Lattanzi, P.E.; Dr. Sam Salem, P.E.; Dr. Kirin Emlet Furst; Dr. Laura Kosoglu; Lisa Holder; Debra J. Schenaker; Adrienne Archer

What value does a real-world project bring to students?

How do you decide what projects to work on?

How did this project prepare students for professional practice?

What advice do you have for other programs wanting to add similar collaborative projects to their curriculum?