Oregon Institute of Technology

NCEES Surveying Education Award $10,000 winner

College of Engineering, Technology, and Management

Geomatics Program

How will your program use the prize money to engage your students with other professionals, introduce them to both historical and new technology, and promote licensure?

Primary efforts include:

  • Fund student travel to conferences and events and encourage students to serve as conference volunteers and network with professionals. Hopefully this can be resumed as pandemic restrictions ease. Students are always well-received and make great networking connections.
  • Involve students in applied research projects and community service projects. Having a real client and producing desired deliverables captures student interest.
  • Invite professionals to visit campus and present interesting projects and describe their firm or organization and career preparation.
  • Include instruction in historical surveying technology and methods as possible. Solar and stellar observations are always popular with students, who find them “way cool”. This is an essential part of “walking in a prior surveyor’s footsteps”.
  • Notify students of summer internships and career positions and assist with student and graduate employment.
  • Expand advertising and recruiting efforts.

Bachelor of Science in Geomatics, Surveying Option

The department offers a nationally recognized professional degree program that prepares students for employment within the geomatics profession and licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS). Students enjoy small classes taught by licensed professionals that emphasize fundamental theory and problem solving in a computer-intensive curriculum. Field laboratory experiences integrated throughout the curriculum provide practical skills and offer extensive opportunities to prepare students to work in teams using state-of-the art technology. Upon completing the freshman year, students often have enough experience to obtain summer employment as a survey crew member.

Taking the Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) exam is a graduation requirement, which keeps graduates on track for licensure. The broad-based nature of the curriculum ensures that graduates will be prepared to fulfill both the traditional and contemporary roles of the profession.

The department is in the final approval stage to offer both the surveying and GIS degrees fully online.

Program Objectives

Graduates of the Oregon Tech Geomatics options will:

  • Acquire the ability to obtain professional licensure and/or certifications in the geospatial industry.
  • Advance in the geospatial industry during their career by becoming involved in local, state, national, or international professional organizations.
  • Obtain industry positions requiring increased responsibility.
  • Assume responsibility for lifelong learning in professional and personal development.
  • Demonstrate readiness for graduate education and/or advanced technical education.

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