University of Akron

NCEES Surveying Education Award $10,000 winner

College of Engineering and Polymer Science

Surveying and Mapping program

How will your program use the prize money to engage your students with other professionals, introduce them to both historical and new technology, and promote licensure?

The University of Akron Surveying and Mapping program is beyond grateful for the award money from the 2022 NCEES Surveying Education Award. The money from this award is placed in a special account only to be utilized by our program and for the benefit of our current and future surveying and mapping students. The award money will be partially used to help offset fees for the student attendance of the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio Annual Conference. This event gives our students the opportunity to meet industry professionals as well as sit in on various continuing professional development seminars. The award money will be also used to partially fund new hardware and software to keep up with the constant expenses associated with new and advancing technology. Lastly, we will use the award money for marketing and outreach to attract new students from local high school and career centers. We are building curriculum and working with instructors to establish surveying modules to help educate them on the career path of a professional land surveyor.

The University of Akron Surveying and Mapping Mission Statement

The mission of the Surveying program is to provide high-quality, career-focused education that meets the specific needs of the students as they prepare for careers in the surveying, mapping, and (GIS/LIS) industries nationwide. Our goal is to provide them with the skills and knowledge they will need to obtain professional registration or technical certification, as appropriate, in their relevant geographic science discipline, and to instill a desire for life-long learning.