University of Maine

NCEES Surveying Education Award $15,000 winner

College of Engineering

Surveying Engineering Technology program

How will your program use the prize money to engage your students with other professionals, introduce them to both historical and new technology, and promote licensure?

The prize money will be used to:

  1. Pay for students to attend the NSPS national student competition
  2. Pay for students to attend regional and state surveying society meetings
  3. Pay for students to attend national, regional, and state vendor meetings/shows
  4. Encourage access to study materials and training for professional licensure exams
  5. Pay for scholarships so students can complete their degree and thus seek licensure efficiently
  6. Pay for upgrades to existing technology which has become dated
  7. Pay for better technology for building our multimedia education facility
  8. Pay for advertising of education options in surveying at the University of Maine

Our mission statement and everything about surveying at the University of Maine can be found at and (Note: on the second link, you can click on one of the four degree options at the bottom to get all of the information about the degree or certificate option.)

In spring 2022 (January–May):

  • 25 students passed the Fundamentals of Surveying exam
  • 10 graduates received surveying professional licensure
  • 40 students received degrees or certificates
  • 40 scholarships were awarded

Even online students come to graduation and enjoy a free meal!

University of Maine students standing on side of highway with surveying tools
University of Maine out at dinner