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Educational resources

Are you an educator looking for tools to guide your students to a successful career as an engineer or surveyor? We provide engineering and surveying educators with

Learn more about engineering educator resources, specifically.

Exam preparation materials

Are your students interested in taking an NCEES exam? Do they know where to start? We support you by providing exam preparation materials that have been created by the very people who develop the NCEES exams. Sample Questions and Solutions manuals provide students with actual exam questions, which have been retired from exam item banks. These manuals are available for purchase.

Learn more about engineering and surveying exam prep materials.

The reference materials for the computer-based exams are provided as free downloads to educators and to students. You can find links to them on the exam-specific webpages.

NCEES Engineering Award

Looking for a way to showcase your engineering program? The NCEES Engineering Award for Connecting Professional Practice and Education celebrates engineering programs that provide opportunities for engineering students to interact inside and outside of the classroom with professional engineers. This award recognizes college engineering programs for engaging its students in collaborative projects with licensed professional engineers.

Learn more about the NCEES Engineering Education Award.

NCEES Surveying Education Award

The NCEES Surveying Education Award recognizes surveying/geomatics programs that best reflect NCEES’ mission to advance licensure for engineers and surveyors in order to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Up to ten programs are selected each year to receive a $10,000 cash award. Use of the funds awarded is encouraged to be incorporated into the surveying/geomatics program.

Learn more about the NCEES Surveying Education Award.

Speaker’s Link and Speaker’s Kits

Do you need a licensed engineer or surveyor to speak to a group? The NCEES Speaker’s Link provides you with licensed engineers and surveyors who will speak to students about their experiences with becoming licensed and why this is valuable to students’ career paths. The NCEES Speaker’s Kit is a multimedia kit provided to educators free of charge. It answers questions about the licensure process.

Learn more about the NCEES Speaker’s Link and Speaker’s Kit.

Volunteer opportunities

Have you ever considered giving back to your profession by volunteering your time and expertise to the exam development process? Have you ever considered volunteering to speak about your profession? Every year, hundreds of licensed engineers and surveyors travel to NCEES headquarters to help us write and evaluate exam questions. Many other professional engineers and surveyors volunteer to speak to groups about their profession and licensure.

Learn more about volunteering with NCEES.


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