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Documentation Guidelines


NCEES requires candidates seeking accommodations on an NCEES examination to provide documentation from a qualified healthcare professional that provides a diagnosis of the candidate’s impairment and discusses the functional impact of the impairment on the candidate.

Documentation serves three purposes:

  • To establish that the candidate can be considered a person with a disability.
  • To supplement information from the candidate regarding the impact of his or her impairment.
  • To inform the determination of reasonable accommodations designed to facilitate equal access to the examination on a case-by-case basis.

Documentation needs to include:

  • A diagnosis of the relevant impairment
  • A description of the current functional impact of the impairment on the candidate, with, ideally, a specific focus on any barriers to taking a standardized examination under standard testing conditions
  • A discussion of whether the impairment is permanent or temporary

Documentation needs to be from a qualified healthcare provider and include the provider’s:

  • Contact information
  • License number
  • Signature or electronic signature

Documentation may be submitted in ― but is not limited to ― one of the following formats:

  • NCEES Healthcare Provider Form (except for learning disabilities)
  • Letter on a qualified provider’s letterhead
  • Official summary or report from a visit to healthcare provider
  • Neuropsychological or psychoeducational assessment (if applicable with respect to a given impairment)

Documentation needs to be current

In evaluating a candidate’s need for accommodations, it is important to know how an impairment is currently impacting the candidate. The impact of some impairments does not change over time, but that is not true for all impairments. Please see the guidelines applicable to your specific impairment(s) for a discussion of how recent your supporting documentation should be.

Guidelines for Specific Disabilities

Candidates should review the applicable documentation guidelines, as these guidelines may call for additional information to be provided by a candidate: