Licensure Exchange August 2011

Read the latest issue of Licensure Exchange, the NCEES publication dedicated to opinions and ideas regarding the licensure of engineers and surveyors.

Download the August 2011 issue (PDF)

  • From the President: The engineering world is getting smaller
  • University of New Mexico wins 2011 NCEES Engineering Award
  • Q&A: Nominees for president-elect, treasurer and incoming VPs discuss vision for NCEES
  • Headquarters Update: History of Council finances demonstrates importance of planning for the future
  • Enforcement Beat: Does forensic engineering require licensure?
  • NCEES wraps up first 16-hour Structural Engineering exam administration
  • Exam Update: April 2011 pass rates
  • Member board news and upcoming events
  • NCEES uses My NCEES web portal to keep boards informed during CBT transition

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