NCEES celebrates National Surveyors Week

March 21-27 is National Surveyors Week, an occasion for professional surveyors throughout the United States to bring attention to their profession.

The American Congress on Surveying and Mapping has a website, (now defunct), with information about what surveyors do and resources for persons interested in learning more about the profession.
Twice a year, thousands of candidates seeking professional surveying licensure attempt either the FS or PS exams at sites throughout the country. Visit the NCEES exams page to learn more about these exams. For general information about the licensing process for professional surveyors, visit the licensure page.

“NCEES has been associated with surveying licensure since the beginning, and we’re proud to continue this tradition and raise awareness of this exciting career,” said Executive Director Jerry T. Carter.

NCEES encourages professional speakers to promote the surveying profession to students. If you are interested in obtaining a Surveying Speaker’s Kit or becoming a speaker, visit the speakers page and complete a contact form.