Bryanna Willis

Kennesaw State University
Computer Engineering
Hometown: Griffin, SC

What are your career goals?

My career goals include to become a software computer engineer and working for a great compnay. I would love to further my education and build on my skills and specialize in many different programming languages.

Do you have any areas of interest specific to your discipline?

I have a broad interest in my discipline, but to narrow it down I am interested in the areas of cybersecurity, software engineering, and programming language.

What is one piece of advice you have for fellow engineering students?

One piece of advice that I can give to engineering students is to use all of the resources provided to you to your advantage. Going to office hours and getting tutoring is perfectly normal, and you will be more grateful that you did it than regretful later when it becomes too late.

What has been your favorite engineering course and why? 

My favorite engineering course has been Digital Logic Design for so many reasons including my great teacher, the information and knowledge that I am gaining about the subject, and the hands on lab that makes me feel like I can do anything after figuring out how to complete the tasks!

Which clubs, campus organizations, and activities do you participate in?

  • National Council of Negro Women club
  • National Society of Black Engineers club
  • Society of Women Engineers club
  • Industrial Assessment Center
  • Women in Engineering (WEN)

What are you most looking forward to gaining from being an FE ambassador?

I am most looking forward to the experience of being an FE ambassador, meeting so many new people, and inspiring others to take the exam and gain knowledge about the benefits of the exam.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of applying to be an FE ambassador in the future? 

If you are thinking about it take the step further and go for it! There are no downsides to becoming an FE ambassador, and it doesn’t take away from your school time. You learn so much about the exam and it could possibly make a very great difference in your future!