Kennedi Briggs

Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

What are your career goals?

I would like to work in the energy industry. Specifically, I would like to either design or implement high efficiency turbines for large scale power generation.

Do you have any areas of interest specific to your discipline? 

I am interested in fluid dynamics and how thermodynamic properties of gases can be manipulated to produce higher energy outputs.

What is one piece of advice you have for fellow engineering students?

Always ask for help and never give up. It sounds cliché, but 9/10 if you are asking questions in class, going to office hours, and pushing through your hardest classes, your professors will notice and will be more willing to help you along the way and provide you with resources to succeed.

What has been your favorite engineering course and why? 

I really enjoyed dynamics because I enjoyed looking at objects in motion using different co-ordinate systems. This course taught me that solving a problem using a different viewpoint may be easier than solving it using a method that you’re used to.

Which clubs, campus organizations, and activities do you participate in?

  • Math and science tutor for k-12 students
  • Working with a team of 8 to design and build a small scale wind turbine
  • CECAS (College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences) Student Advisory Board Member
  • Civil Engineering Undergraduate Student Advisory Council Representative
  • Upcoming: Civil Engineering Student Ambassador Program; Civil Engineering Mentorship Program (CE-MENT)

What are you most looking forward to gaining from being an FE ambassador?

Connecting with my peers and getting them excited about their career prospects as future engineers.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of applying to be an FE ambassador in the future? 

Do it! It is an awesome opportunity to network with organizations and other people on your campus who you may not have interfaced with otherwise. You will also get to meet other engineering students from other schools!