Trenton Mastin

North Carolina State University
Civil Engineering
Hometown: Millers Creek, NC

What are your career goals?

I currently work as a structural/civil engineer assistant here in Raleigh, NC. I am interested in structural design and land development. I hope to obtain my PE licensure within 4 years after I graduate.

Do you have any areas of interest specific to your discipline? 

I am concentrating in structures, so I am specifically interested in how structures react to unique loading scenarios such as earthquakes, waves, or hurricanes.

What is one piece of advice you have for fellow engineering students?

Pay attention to the early courses! It would have helped me out in the later courses if I had had a stronger background in early courses, i.e., calculus, statics, physics, etc.

What has been your favorite engineering course and why? 

My favorite engineering course thus far has been solid mechanics. This course really brought everything to life for me in structures. I was able to finally understand how different materials respond to given loadings.

Which clubs, campus organizations, and activities do you participate in?

  • ASCE
  • NC State Ducks Unlimited Chapter
  • NC State National Wild Turkey Federation Chapter

What are you most looking forward to gaining from being an FE ambassador?

I am looking to gain valuable knowledge and connections related to becoming a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of NC.