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NCEES Records program

The NCEES Records program is designed for currently licensed engineers and surveyors who are looking for an easier and faster way to complete the licensure process in multiple jurisdictions, including all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. An established NCEES Record will include most—if not all—of the materials you need to apply for comity licensure in additional states and territories.

Eliminate having to resubmit your

  • College transcripts
  • Exam results
  • Employment verifications
  • Professional references

If you are already licensed and want to apply for licensure in an additional U.S. state or territory, apply for an NCEES Record. NCEES will review your materials and, after your Record is established, electronically submit them directly to the licensing board on your behalf. This saves time and simplifies the application process when you need to practice in multiple states and territories.

Browse the frequently asked questions to learn more about the NCEES Records program.

Options for active-duty military and military spouses

Professional engineers and surveyors who are actively serving in the military and their spouses are eligible to transmit their NCEES Record at no charge when military orders require them to move to a new state. When transmitted to a state licensing board, it will include a military designation to prioritize the application. Please email for more information.

Initial licensure

Are you in the process of becoming licensed and want to establish an NCEES Record? If you have passed the FE and PE exam, then some states will allow you to use the NCEES Record for initial licensure. A limited number of boards offer the initial licensing process, so check your MyNCEES account under Exams and Licensure Verification to find out if this is a path for you.

PE/PS Exam Documents

If you are applying to take the PE/PS examination, you are eligible to complete the PE/PS Exam Docs in your MyNCEES profile and transmit to those states listed only. The transmission fee is $100. Transmission of the Record does not replace the member board’s application process and fees.

Completing an application

The online application process can be completed in as few as 30 days and depends on the amount of time it takes to verify your work experience and receive professional references. To start, log in to your MyNCEES account and select Multistate Licensure from your dashboard. We’ll guide you through the process.

Are you an existing NCEES Record holder? Browse the frequently asked questions to learn why the system was updated and whether or not you will need to take action.

About the application

The application is divided into five sections and can be completed in any order. It is an online application process and provides for electronic verifications.

Education information

Details for each college, university, and technical school you attended. Transcripts are required for all work for which academic credit is awarded.

Exam and license verification

The appropriate state licensing board must verify all exam and license information provided by the applicant.

Work experience

Chronological listing of work experience beginning with graduation from a university or the first employment after high school

Professional references

Five references who can reflect the character and diversity of your experience and are personally acquainted with your professional reputation. For engineering applicants, references must be engineers who are licensed in the United States. For surveying applicants, references must be surveyors who are licensed in the United States.

Questions for the applicant

A brief series of questions regarding the status and history of your license

Transmitting your Record

Transmittals are requested through your MyNCEES account and take approximately two to three days to process. Your Record will be reviewed each time it is transmitted to ensure that everything is current.


There is no charge to complete the application process and no annual renewal fee.

Fees are charged each time you transmit your Record to a state licensing board.

First transmittal for comity licensure—$175
First transmittal for initial licensure—$100
First transmittal for PE/PS exam approval—$100
All subsequent transmittals—$75 each