Florida Atlantic University

NCEES Surveying Education Award $10,000 winner

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geomatics Engineering

How will your program use the prize money to engage your students with other professionals, introduce them to both historical and new technology, and promote licensure?

The NCEES Surveying Education Award will be used to improve and promote the Florida Atlantic University Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering (BSGE) program by enhancing the recruitment of potential students, advancing professional licensure, and providing the most current surveying technology to the current students in the program.

One third of the award will be used to support the recruitment activities to maintain the momentum of student enrollment increase and to support student travels to regional and national conferences. Another one third of the award will be used to provide an incentive to encourage the current students to take the FS exam before their graduation. We plan to reimburse the exam fee for the students who pass the FS exam before their graduation. The remainder of the award will be used for equipment repairs and calibration to support the laboratory courses to provide the best technology and equipment to our BSGE students.