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Outcomes assessment

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is the only uniform, nationally used exam that tests candidates on the material covered in college engineering degree programs. For educators and administrators, the exams have the potential to provide a wealth of information about the relative strengths and weaknesses of students in a program.

NCEES offers free institutions reports that break down the performance of students and graduates from their programs, comparing results on specific content areas to national averages. These reports can be an excellent means of evaluating program outcomes.

NCEES publishes a white paper and several accompanying documents that describe in detail how engineering departments can use the FE exam to assess program outcomes. They are provide for download as PDFs below:

In addition, the Professional Engineers in Higher Education interest group of the National Society of Professional Engineers, with the assistance of NCEES, solicited engineering and engineering technology programs to share methodologies for using the FE exam as an assessment tool for ABET accreditation. You can download a PDF of the paper on the NSPE website.

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NCEES Engineering Award

The NCEES Engineering Award for Connecting Professional Practice and Education recognizes engineering programs that foster a relationship between the classroom and the professional practice of engineering.

Learn more about the NCEES Engineering Award.


The best way to learn about licensure is to hear about it from someone who has done it. For that reason, NCEES has developed Speaker’s Link and a Speaker’s Kit for engineers and surveyors. Speaker’s Link is a network of licensed engineers and surveyors who can talk to students about the licensure process and provide first-hand accounts of what it takes to become licensed—and how doing so has benefited their careers. The NCEES Speaker’s Kit is a versatile multimedia presentation tool that makes it easy to help answer questions about the licensure process.

Learn more about the NCEES Speaker’s Link and Speaker’s Kit.

Exam prep material

NCEES publishes exam preparation materials designed to help students prepare for the FE and FS exams. Supplied references for the FE and FS exams are available for free download, while sample questions and solutions can be purchased here. Many of the sample questions used are items retired from exam item banks—meaning they were written by the same people who develop the exams. They provide an excellent simulation of what candidates can expect on exam day.