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PE exam pass rates

PE exam pass rates are from the April 2018 exam administration, except where otherwise noted.

ExamFirst-time takers Repeat takers 
VolumePass RateVolumePass Rate
PE Agricultural and Biological2770%580%
PE Architectural10162%176%
PE Chemical (CBT)28580%367%
PE Civil: Construction90458%73628%
PE Civil: Geotechnical52861%35728%
PE Civil: Structural172859%69629%
PE Civil: Transportation174164%101338%
PE Civil: Water Resources and Environmental172871%86644%
PE Control Systems (October 2017)24073%5248%
PE Electrical and Computer: Computer Engineering2450%520%
PE Electronics, Controls, and Communications12459%3126%
PE Electrical and Computer: Power102457%66735%
PE Environmental31469%11543%
PE Fire Protection (October 2017)18960%7748%
PE Industrial and Systems8666%138%
PE Mechanical: HVAC and Refrigeration64872%21649%
PE Mechanical: Machine Design and Materials49274%11939%
PE Mechanical: Thermal and Fluids Systems53970%25445%
PE Metallurgical and Materials (October 2017)6370%1136%
PE Mining and Mineral Processing (October 2017)6157%1560%
PE Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering4657%1436%
PE Nuclear (October 2017)3471%729%
PE Petroleum (October 2017)18770%5133%
PE Software1242%30%

The pass rates for CBT exams represent January/February/March and April/May/June 2018 PE examinees.