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PE exam pass rates

NCEES has successfully converted, or is in the process of converting, all exams to a computer-based format. To learn more about how a particular exam is administered, select a discipline from the table below.

Pencil-and-paper (P&P) exam format

Most PE exams are currently offered in pencil-and-paper format and available once or twice per year depending on the examinee population. Pass rates are updated after results are released—typically in May for the April exams and in December for the October exams. See the current pencil-and-paper exam schedule.

Computer-based testing (CBT) exam format

Some PE exams are administered year-round via computer-based testing. For these exams, pass rates are shown for the January–June or July–December population (updated in July and January, respectively).

Other CBT exams that have a smaller examinee population are administered on a single day in October each year. For these exams, the pass rates are updated in November. Learn more about the conversion to computer-based testing.

ExamFirst-time takers Repeat takers FormatAvailabilityLast updated
VolumePass RateVolumePass Rate
PE Agricultural and Biological1369%560%P&POnce per yearMay 2019
PE Architectural9272%2948%P&POnce per yearMay 2019
PE Chemical12558%140%CBTYear roundJuly 2020
PE Civil: Construction67861%66936%P&PTwice per yearDec 2019
PE Civil: Geotechnical53466%36135%P&PTwice per yearDec 2019
PE Civil: Structural152763%72441%P&PTwice per yearDec 2019
PE Civil: Transportation150670%102845%P&PTwice per yearDec 2019
PE Civil: Water Resources and Environmental158371%89546%P&PTwice per yearDec 2019
PE Control Systems25266%4533%P&POnce per yearDec 2019
PE Electrical and Computer: Computer Engineering3456%80%P&PTwice per yearDec 2019
PE Electronics, Controls, and Communications15267%4450%P&PTwice per yearDec 2019
PE Electrical and Computer: Power110650%72626%P&PTwice per yearDec 2019
PE Environmental20470%3441%CBTYear roundJuly 2020
PE Fire Protection21055%8929%P&P*Once per yearDec 2019
PE Industrial and Systems6095%2560%P&P*Once per yearMay 2019
PE Mechanical: HVAC and Refrigeration24779%N/AN/ACBTYear roundJuly 2020
PE Mechanical: Machine Design and Materials15371%N/AN/ACBTYear roundJuly 2020
PE Mechanical: Thermal and Fluid Systems13783%N/AN/ACBTYear roundJuly 2020
PE Metallurgical and Materials5878%933%P&POnce per yearDec 2019
PE Mining and Mineral Processing4267%3060%P&POnce per yearDec 2019
PE Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering4156%1527%P&POnce per yearMay 2019
PE Nuclear1155%520%CBTOnce per yearNov 2019
PE Petroleum22863%00%CBTOnce per yearNov 2019

View the PE Structural pass rates.

*The pass rates for the PE Mechanical, PE Fire Protection, and PE Industrial and Systems exams represent the final pencil-and-paper exam administrations. These exams transition to computer-based testing in 2020. View the exam transition schedule.