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Evaluation criteria


  • Describe the program type (e.g., certification, two year, four year) and provide the name of the program (e.g., surveying, geomatics). What surveying courses are offered/required in the program?
  • What is unique about the program compared to other surveying programs?
  • What are the qualifications of the instructors? How many are full-time? Adjunct?
  • Is the program accredited? If so, by what commission or association?
  • What surveying tools, equipment, and technologies are used to teach students?
  • How does the program remain current with surveying technology?

Student outcomes

  • What is the primary learning objective for the program?
  • What are the student outcomes, and how are they assessed? Are surveying internships incorporated into your program?
  • Are students engaged in assignments or projects that involve real-world application?
  • Are instructors and/or students involved in research and development activities? Provide brief examples.

Student involvement

  • Are students active in surveying clubs and professional associations? What activities do they do?
  • Have students participated in any surveying competitions in the last two academic years?
  • Are students engaged in community service projects? If so, briefly describe them, differentiating nontechnical humanitarian projects from those that are tied to the curriculum or that required the use of surveying skills


  • How, and from where, does the program recruit students?
  • What are the enrollment numbers for the program for the past three years?
  • Are external licensed surveyors involved in the program? If so, how?
  • Does the program seek assistance or support from external associations, societies, or firms?
  • What efforts have been made to grow the program? What efforts are planned for the future?
  • Does your program have marketing materials for outreach/recruitment purposes? If so, please include with the submittal.


  • How is professional licensure promoted to students?
  • Are students encouraged or required to take the FS exam before graduation? What support is given to them?
  • How many and what percentage of students take and pass the FS exam before graduation?
  • How do you track if students attain licensure post-graduation? Provide data if available.

Summary/benefits/merits (essay format)

  • Why should the program receive this award?
  • How would this award, if received, benefit the program?
  • How will this award, if received, advance professional licensure for surveyors and promote the surveying profession?