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Evaluation criteria

The following questions are provided as guidance in preparing submissions; not all questions may apply to a particular project.

Successful collaboration of faculty, students, and licensed professional engineers

  • Were licensed professional engineers (P.E.s) involved?
  • How did the students, faculty, and P.E.s interact?
  • What did the students learn through the collaboration that would not have been learned in the classroom?

Protection of public health, safety, and/or welfare of the public

  • Did the project include aspects that affect the health, safety, and/or welfare of the public?
  • How was public protection addressed?
  • Which project features raised students’ awareness about the impact of engineering decisions?
  • Did the project highlight how engineering can help solve problems faced by communities nationally or worldwide?
  • Did the project foster student self-reliance, cooperation, or responsibility?

Multidiscipline and/or allied profession participation

  • Was more than one engineering discipline involved? (for example, mechanical and electrical engineering)
  • Did the project include other professions? (for example, architecture or accounting)
  • Was more than one branch of a particular engineering discipline involved? (for example, two branches of civil engineering, such as geotechnical and transportation)

Knowledge or skills gained

  • What engineering and other non-technical knowledge/skills did the students gain?
  • How were the knowledge/skills gained important to professional practice?
  • Did the project include consideration of professional practice concepts such as project management, ethics, contracts, or law?

Effectiveness of display board, abstract, and project description

  • Was the display board a useful, engaging supplement to the project description?
  • Were the abstract and project description well written and easy to understand?
  • Were the pertinent facts included?
  • Did the abstract effectively summarize the project description?